Thursday, August 28, 2014

Le Burger Week 2014 September 1-7

Photo courtesy Brett Howe

Montreal, Quebec City, Winnipeg and Vancouver....oh my!

It all started with two guys from Montreal who had a passion for food and an EPIC love for burgers. After reading about these two gents and their quest to find the best burger in Montreal,  I felt that I understood what they were trying to say. "Build the best burger and the people will come". Na'eem Adam and Thierry Rassam continue their food dream across the country and I am proud to say that  Le Burger Week 2014 has made it to Winnipeg.  Charcoal Collaborative listed Thirty restaurants in the city that will be fighting for the title of "Best Burger", and only one restaurant will win the bragging rights for the entire year. This week long festival allows Winnipeggers to vote for our favorite burger and break away from our comfort zones when dining. I have a list of restaurants that I have been meaning to try since I moved here two years ago, and this festival is a great opportunity to do just that.

I have already indulged in one of the thirty burgers this fine city has to offer. Chop Steakhouse offers up a fresh in house, hand-formed burger that is seared to perfection before being finished in their famous Montague oven. It is held together by a decadent brioche bun that has been brushed in garlic butter and toasted with intense heat, adding another layer of flavour and texture to this extraordinary dining experience. It is filled with an in-house made onion relish, aged cheddar, smoked crispy bacon and basil aioli. It is speared with an onion ring and pickle, which adds even more height, texture and variety to this already stunning presentation.  It was paired with their fresh cut steakhouse fries and served up with a Crown Royal ketchup.  It is hard to believe that the other restaurants can top this meal but I challenge myself and others in the city to get out there and try out as many burgers during the festival as you can. Tell your friends and family about this burger week and VOTE to help Winnipeg crown the BEST!

Enjoy the festival!


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