Monday, September 26, 2011

Lobster Linguine in a Sweet Vermouth Cream

We are heading into fall and I wanted to have a special farewell dinner for the summer season.  I thought one more lobster meal would be a great send off to summer and inspiring enough to get my fall cooking hat on.  Lobster slowly simmered in butter, sweet vermouth and cream then tossed with fresh tarragon leaves is a heavenly pasta dish that my hubby referred to as "spectacular."

He slowly twirled the linguine onto his fork, took his first bite, moaned, and blurted  that amazing word - spectacular.   I know that he loves my cooking but I still pause until he takes the first bite.  His reaction let me know that I need to add this recipe to the spring and summer rotation.  I love bringing pleasure to loved ones through food and I am certain that I will never grow tired of my passion for food and its connection to my family.

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